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…1952, when the “Veritas” State Candy and Chocolate Factory was relocated from the city centre to the Lublin Sugar Factory. This date is accepted as the commencement of “Pszczółka” Candy Factory operations.
Our production facility was established in a former sugar refinery. This location provided easy access to some fundamental raw materials required for the production of sweets, namely sugar (from the Lublin Sugar Factory) and starch syrup (from the nearby Potato Industry Works).


“Pszczółka” Candy Factory started to produce the legendary cocoa candies with a hint of alcohol – Kukułka.


“Pszczółka” Candy Factory was incorporated into the structures of Sugar Factory Lublin, where it operated as its department until 2009.


“Pszczółka” Candy Factory started to produce fruit caramels with sparkling filling. The uniqueness of the candy is an unusual combination of flavours: sweet and sour.


“Pszczółka” Candy Factory started to produce Jogusie – caramels that combine the intense aroma of fresh fruit with a delicate, milky filling.


The logo “Pszczółka” Candy Factory was created.


Pursuant to a resolution of the Management Board of Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa S.A. in Toruń, a new branch of Pszczółka” Candy Factory in Lublin was established. The “Pszczółka” Confectionery Factory Branch consisted of: the Production Division in Lublin; the Branch Division in Opole Lubelskie.


“Pszczółka” Candy Factory was separated as an enterprise from the structures of Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa SA. FC “Pszczółka” operates as an independent commercial law entity. The company has an opportunity to increase its recognisability and shape its brand as a manufacturer of sweets. Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa SA holds a full stake in the company. The company has a full stake in Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa SA. Introduction of chocolate covered caramels, new flavours Mieszanka Imieninowa and Coffee Amo.


FC “Pszczółka” began construction of a modern candy factory in the Special Economic Zone, where a wide range of chocolate products and jellies would be produced.


Due to the development of the factory and the desire to expand the assortment with chocolate products, it is decided to change the logo of FC “Pszczółka”.


“Pszczółka” Candy Factory began operation of the factory in the Special Economic Zone on Spiessa 7. The total area of the factory is 20,511 sq. m. It is one of the most modern factories in Europe, using highly automated production lines and advanced technology that ensures quality is maintained at the highest level. By investing in new extruder and mogul machines, Pszczółka has entered the chocolate candy and jelly markets. New flavours of extruded candies: Pychałek, Michaśki, Truffles, Chochliki, new flavours of pralines: Czekoladowe Sympatie, Czekoladowe Fantazje, jellies in sugar and coated in chocolate.


“Pszczółka” Candy Factory Ltd. has been operating in the market for 70 years. The passion and heart we put into production every day translates into the exquisite taste and aroma of our sweets. We have been present in our customers’ homes for generations. We produce chocolate candies, pralines, jellies, hard and filled caramels. We belong to Grupy Kapitałowej Krajowej Grupy Spożywczej S.A. Capital Group and we are a wholly Polish company. We know that excellent taste would not be possible without top quality ingredients. In the production of our candies we use natural juices, flavours, colours, nuts and delicate chocolate. We support local suppliers, in our products we use milk from Polish suppliers and sugar from Polish sugar beets.”Pszczółka” Candy Factory uses traditional and proven recipes, we are distinguished by the repeatability of taste for 70 years, a good example of which is the Kukułka candy. At the same time we use modern solutions and follow market trends. We want to constantly surprise our customers.
Our candies have been appreciated for years by both consumers and industry experts, as evidenced by numerous awards and distinctions. Pszczółka products have also conquered foreign markets. They can be found on shop shelves in such countries as the USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Yemen, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Estonia, Mongolia, Hungary, Jordan, Iraq, Morocco.

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